Christ Teaching

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Egg tempera and gold leaf icon painting on cradled clayboard.

In simple gold frame, ready to hang.

16" x 20".

This icon is based on a glass work from 13th - 14th century.  The glass panel is in Victoria and Albert Museum in London. 

Christ is in the upper center of the icon holding two fishes and bread in memory of the Sermon on the Mount.  This icon is of course an allegory, because there was no throne for Christ to sit on when he was teaching on the mount.  The apostles on His side are from left to right: Evangelist Matthew, Peter, the most important among the disciples, John the best loved, and Andrew the first disciple called.  In the listening crowd I have tried to portray many of the attitudes people had and have, when listening to Christ’s words: skepticism, absorption, meditation, worship, wonder, awe, indifference, even rejection. 


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