Return Policy

At Strandman Art, our goal is to ensure you are fully comfortable and satisfied with your purchase.  Accordingly we have a few simple guidelines to help make that happen:

  • Upon notification of receipt of payment, our artwork will be shipped to you in packaging appropriate to protect the work through anticipated handling.  It will be insured for the amount of the purchase and will be accompanied by a registered receipt so we know you have received it.
  • You will have FIFTEEN (15) CALENDAR DAYS from the receipt of the item to determine that you are comfortable with the purchase.  We refer to this as the "fifteen-day examination period."
  • If, during the fifteen-day examination period, you determine that you are unable to keep the item and wish to return it, please follow this procedure:
    • First contact us, by email through this website, within the examination period to advise us of your decision.  
    • You will be advised to re-package in the original shipping container and return to us using the same shipping method we used to make the original shipment and to insure the package for the original purchase price.
    • You will be responsible for payment of shipping and insurance charges associated with the return shipment.
    • Upon receipt of the artwork in its original undamaged condition, we will refund your original purchase price in whole to the original credit card used for the purchase.
  • If we do not hear from you by the end of the fifteen-day examination period, we will consider the sale final and wish you years of enjoyment.
  • We understand that life is not always smooth and you might encounter an unanticipated event that interferes with your examination period.  In the event of a rare such occurrence, please contact us by email as soon as possible and we'll negotiate a mutually acceptable approach, such as extension of the examination period.

If you would like to clarify any of this prior to purchase, please send us a note.